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Ok. I guess after a few years of LJ, I could get around to writing a bio, while trying hard not to be redundant since much of this is in the interests.

I am a photographic artist. My work can be seen (and purchased on various merchandise) at www.cafepress.com/worldswalker.

For mundane work, I manage an IT service desk.

I also have been known to read palms.

I am a morris dancer, an avid bycyclist and love to read (mostly f&sf).

I think of myself as a writer, and have made more progress toward that in the past few years, which makes me feel a little less of a fraud. Nanowrimo is great for getting past that niggling inner voice that criticizes the work when it has barely moved from mind to computer screen. Recently I have been writing fanfiction. It seems a great practice ground. My original fiction is still in progress, but I write where the pull of the story goes.

There is more. There is always more. Religion, Politics, Sexuality. Yep, lots more. Check out the interests and figure it out.

Nanowrimo 2006 Update
Zokutou word meter
50,168 / 50,000

Age Statement: I solemnly swear I am over 18. Over 21 even. Of Legal age to manage my own mischief.
abbots bromley horn dance, abbotts bromley, angst, art, babylon 5, bicycle riding, bicycling, biking, bilingual puns, blake's 7, board games, boardgames, books, bujold, cafe press, cafepress, camping, card games, carleton college, cats, caw, celtic music, chaos theory, chocolate, civil rights, co-housing, communal living, community, community barter network, community supported agriculture, conservation, constructed cultures, constructed languages, cooking, creativity, csas, cultural history, culture, dance, dar williams, digital cameras, digital photography, doctor who, dr who, earth religions, ecology, energy work, environment, environmentalism, ethics, etymology, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fantasy, feminism, fiction writing, filk, folk music, food, fringe festival, gardening, genealogy, german, german history, harry potter, hiking, householding, ireland, irish music, joy, korval, language, language and culture, laughing, lesbian, lesbians, liad, liaden, liaden series, liaden universe, linguistics, living simply, lois mcmaster bujold, long hair, loreena mckennitt, magic, miles vorkosigan, minneapolis, minnesota, minnesota fringe festival, morris dancing, nanowrimo, night photography, nikon, organic food, organic gardening, pagan, pagan ethics, paganism, palmistry, patternmagic, photography, photoshop, polyamory, raised bed gardens, reading, recycling, right livelihood, road trips, rving, science fiction, science fiction writing, serenity, settlers of catan, sf cons, shade gardens, sharon lee, singing, slash, snuggling, sociolinguistics, sondheim, sondheim musicals, stars, steve miller, sustainable communities, sustainable living, swimming, the fringe, thunderstorms, travel, uptown-on-calhoun, urban fantasy, vegetarian, vegetarian cooking, vegetarianism, voluntary simplicity, vorkosigan, walking, walking at night, web of life, wicca, wiscon, women, world building, worldbuilding, writer's block, writing, writing novels


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